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how to tie the perfect bow closure

 - how to tie the perfect bow closure  -
we love to include adjustable straps & loops for the flexibility it allows in sizing and how adorable it looks when tied with a bow. a variety of our favorite styles include this type of closure,
so we've created this simple tutorial to help you perfect our bow closure.
bow closure - step 1
- step 1 -
pull shoulder straps over your little ones shoulder, pull as much or as little as needed to bring the front bodice up to the desired fit.
bow closure - step 2
- step 2 -
using the back loop, bring one shoulder strap through (going from front to back), and then pull around to the outside of the loop. repeat with 2nd strap.
bow closure - step 3
- step 3 -
pull both shoulder straps as tight as needed for desired fit.
bow closure - step 4
- step 4 - 
bring both straps to the front of the back loop & tie a bow to secure.
bow closure - step 5
- step 5 -
adjust as needed.
& viola! you've tied our bow closure perfectly.
xx, carly

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