our mission

figge (pronouced "figgy") is a Los Angeles based lifestyle brand. good for you, your little ones, and our planet.
focused on slow fashion, sustainable practices, ethical production
handcrafted locally by a small team of seamstresses
this label focuses on producing stylish and functional clothing that breaks away from the norm. Clean lines, uncomplicated designs, and muted colorways are prominent throughout.
timeless + playful
figge is produced in small/limited runs, from high quality remnant & deadstock fabric. fabric leftover from larger manufacturing that would normally end up in our landfills or incinerated. We are supporters of the fashion revolution. Our brand values people, the environment, creativity, and profit in equal measure. 
proudly made in the USA
about Carly, the owner & designer behind figge. With no formal training, but a deep-rooted love for ethically made clothing and goods, & a family history of clothing manufacturing, Carly was inspired to create her own timeless & playful pieces. Starting in 2011 as carlymegan, and now figge, Carly strives for heirloom quality garments that are meant to be worn, loved, and passed along.
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