mending program

we stand behind our garments here at figge

& we design them to last.
passed down & passed along is our motto

why mending is important

we believe in mending garments, rather than tossing.
did you know that the amount of garments & textiles thrown away has more than doubled in the last 20 yrs? millions of lbs of waste that ends up in our land fills polluting our environment throughout the world. 
we strive to reduce waste from start to finish*
all clothing goes through normal wear & tear, and even those times where something more dramatic has happened. by mending, not only are you extending the life of your favorite pieces for years to come, but we think you are adding a little character to that piece. a visual story of the history of your garment. how loved, worn, and treasured that piece is & was.

how it works

if you buy a garment directly from us, or buy a garment secondhand, or even simply given a garment (labeled carlymegan or figge) and feel it needs a little sprucing up please reach out to us.

have something that needs mending?

to start the process & what to expect...
1 - please send us an email with "mending request" in the subject line. include a small description and photos of the area in question.
2 - you will receive an email back with our MENDING FORM.
please review, fill out and include this form in your package.
at this time, the customer is only responsible for the initial shipping fee. there is no extra mending fee or return shipping fee.
3 - once we have your garment on hand, and determine the plan of action for mending, it could take up to 2-3 weeks to complete your mend. 
4 - when your garment is ready to go, you will receive an email & shipping info for your package. 
5 - receive your mended garment & prepare for the new adventures ahead :)


*head over to our mission page to learn more about our mission & our production practices.