figge rewards program


what is our figge rewards program?

our rewards program is a way for us to give back to you, our valued customer. the main part of our program is a point based system that allows any of our customers to earn points, as well as earn points for specific actions, to redeem & save on your future figge purchases.
we also offer our top customers a special VIP shopping experience.

how do I join the point based reward program?

use the icon (will appear as a crown with the words "rewards") on the bottom right hand side & follow the instructions for signing up.
or click the following link
sign up :)

I have an account, how do I log in?

use the following link to access your account

log in :)

how can I earn rewards?

there are multiple ways to earn rewards with our program:
when you sign up = 100 points
for every $1 spent = 1 pt
for following us on Instagram = 50 pts
for sharing our website on Facebook = 50 pts
to celebrate your birthday = 200 pts
refer a friend - $10 for you & your friend

how can I redeem my points?

when you are ready, you will sign into your account & click "redeem". a unique discount coupon to your order will be generate for you to use at checkout.
100 pts = $5 off
200 pts = $10 off
400 pts = $20 off
500 pts = $25 off

how does the refer a friend reward work?

receive $10 off coupon for you & $10 off coupon for your friend*
simply copy & paste the unique referral link & send to your friends & family.
the link is either sent to you when you've completed a purchase, or you can find it in the "refer your friends" section in our program.
*to qualify for the $10 coupon, your friend will need to make a purchase of $75 or more.
once they have made a purchase, you will receive your special $10 off coupon.

can I merge points from multiple accounts?

unfortunately, no. we do not have the ability to merge your points and suggest you use one account to  make your purchases.

do past orders qualify?

unfortunately, no. we do not have the ability to add your past orders to your account. moving forward, you will start earning points after you sign up. 

what happens to my earned points when I return an order

(or part of an order)?

your points will be adjusted accordingly based on what is being returned & refunded to you. a refund in the format of store credit will not impact your points.
i.e. a full order return will have the full amount of points earned deducted from your account. a partial order return will have the points associated with that amount deducted from your account. 

how do I qualify for the VIP shopping experience?

our VIP shopping experience is based on a customer's purchase history leading up to a new season (spring, summer, autumn, winter). 
to qualify* for this experience, a customer must have a minimum total purchase amount of $500 within 6 months prior to our new season release date.
our top customers receive early access :)
*you are automatically enrolled in this experience each new season if you qualify, enrollment is updated prior to each new season

I have a question about the reward program and/or VIP shopping experience.

we would be happy to answer any of your questions, please send us an email at with "rewards program" as the subject :)