why deadstock fabric?

Why deadstock fabric?

Deadstock fabric is the remnant yardage left over after a production season. It's the caste off material from mill houses and/or design studios that normally ends up in our landfills or incinerated.

There are a number of reasons deadstock fabric exists. it could be

This caste off material ends up in warehouses with aisle after aisle stacked to the ceiling of rolls of fabrics. A small percent will be bought & used, with the remaining sitting in these buildings for years before finally being discarded to make room for the new deadstock.

I use deadstock fabric because it's one way we are able to create clothing & accessories while also keeping to our sustainable & envrionmentally friendly ethos. Using what already exists over creating new; finding purpose for this high quality textile. And most importantly, helping to reduce the amount of waste generated by the garment industry in the process.

what comes from creating with deadstock is unique and essentially one of a kind (OOAK) clothing that helps our planet.